Updates to the Dubb Chrome Extension

Smart sharing and search now available on the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Now users can copy platform-specific copy options directly from the Dubb Chrome Extension. Best of all the system auto detects what CRM or marketing automation platform you’re using and configures the first name mail merge token. This makes it easy to add first name personalization to email/SMS campaigns from any major CRM or email/SMS automation system.

Video Share on Dubb Chrome Extension

Additionally, users can take advantage of the new video search functionality in the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Video Search on Dubb Chrome Extension

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Would love to get some feedback here!

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Are you aware of any issues with the Chrome Extension not working with MacOS Ventura? I can record in the web app, but when I record using the extension, even though my camera and mic are allowed and I hit the record button, it never saves my video. It does the 3-2-1 countdown and gives me a control bar at the bottom, but it doesn’t show the little red recording timer on the little D indicating that it is recording, and when I completed my video and click upload, nothing happens. There is no loading screen and the video never appears.

I also use a Mac computer. I’ve learned some uninstall and reinstall the Dubb extension every time I want to do a video on the Mac. It will work for one, maybe 2 videos in an existing session, meaning I didn’t shut off or restart my Mac. Once the computer is shut down or restarted, it’s game over with the existing Dubb extension.

The same applies for my PC as well.