Using Video for Sales Enablement

:white_check_mark: Video helps share best practices

Your sales enablement team has a deep base of knowledge about increasing your company’s sales. By creating videos, the sales enablement team can easily share best practices with the entire salesforce.

:white_check_mark: Video is easier to consume

These best practices are more easily digestible in video form. Instead of having to read through long memos, your entire sales team can consume this content much more quickly.\

:white_check_mark: Video is taken more seriously

Your sales colleagues will be more likely to listen to your advice if it is in video form. Compared to something like a Slack message, video is more difficult to ignore.

:white_check_mark: Be concise

When recording videos for your sales colleagues, be concise. We are all busy, so try your hardest to limit the length of your videos. Less is more.

:white_check_mark: Be empathetic

Along with conciseness, empathy is important. Stand in the shoes of your audience and create video content that will make their jobs much easier.
:white_check_mark: Leverage screen recordings

Screen recording videos can be extremely effective for presentations. Use a tool like Dubb to easily create professional screen recordings for your colleagues.

:white_check_mark: Take advantage of piecemeal training videos

Information that is cut into smaller pieces and added to a playlist makes that content easier to remember.

:white_check_mark: Don’t hesitate to use personalized one-to-one videos

One-to-one videos let you create customized content for key members of your sales team. Using Dubb, you can create personalized one-to-one videos at scale.

:white_check_mark: Track and iterate
Rely on data and analytics to see how your colleagues are responding to your videos. By doing so, you’ll be able to iterate and create more valuable video content.