Video For Sales

Why Should Use Video For Selling

 Video adoption grows partly because advances in technology
 requires creativity and knowledge
 create real miracles of advertising at minimal cost

The Benefits of Video for Sales
 Boosts Conversation and Sales
 Shows great ROI
 Accessible
 Encourage Social Shares
 Grab Attention
 Move deals towards close

Where to use Sales Video
 Prospecting
 Nurturing
 Closing

Five good reasons you should be using video
 Build relationships at a distance
 Explain complex topics simply
 Save time
 Accelerate deal cycles

Why Use Video in Sales?

1. Video Adoption Accelerated due to COVID-19
 Allows your reps to virtually connect with prospects and customers
 Most people are visual learners
 Executives are more likely to take action on a video
 65% of senior executives have visited website after watching a video

2. Separate Your Sellers from Competitors
 People connect with people when they can relate to them
 Creates a human connection that forms without being there in-

3. Show Customers That You Care
 Video messaging allows sellers to show compassion.
 Video messages can be a vessel to say hello or share an uplifting
 Employing an empathic attitude now can lead to more sales potential

4. The Power of Video
 Brain responds to what you see calls “mirror neurons”
 Cause us to do something when we observe someone else doing it.
 Your sellers can connect emotionally with their buyers

5. Measure Contribution to Sales Results
 Sales video messaging sent to email can be tracked and measured

 Video in sales emails outreach improve click rates by 96%.
 Informs how long video was watch

Best Practices

 Lighting
-Position yourself facing a window with daylight
 Sound
-Use the microphone on your headphones
-Record in quiet spaces.
 Location
-Aim to use a backdrop that agrees with your client.