Video Marketing Ideas To Make For Your Advertising Campaign

Product Demonstration

  • A great way to introduce people to your product and highlight its features.
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun.
  • Show your customers that you’re excited.
  • Speak to your audience.
  • Show and tell.

Customer Testimonial

  • Build trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Chance to tell potential customers how your product or service has impacted people.
  • How has the product made a difference?
  • Get your customers to tell their stories.

Behind The Scenes

  • Chance to show off your company’s personality.
  • The more customers see from you, the more they become familiar with your company and what you offer.

Video Trends

  • Blend humor with branding.
  • Help you get more eyes on your company.
  • EXAMPLE: Mannequin challenge

Things To Remember

  • Use good video production equipment.
  • Don’t forget to upload and share your videos.
  • Be creative.

Examples of Companies With Good Marketing Videos

1. Alibaba

  • “To the Greatness of Small”
  • Video of a young athlete with Olympic dreams,
  • Video Message: Greatness comes from small places

2. Coca-Cola

  • “The Last Customer”
  • A Christmas campaign that gave more than 15,000 people a surprise gift for the holidays.
  • Video Message: A commitment to the season of giving.

3. GoPro

  • “Fireman Saves Kitten”
  • A video of a firefighter saving a kitten from a fire.
  • Helps them appeal to a wider audience outside the realm of extreme sports.
  • Marketing Message: Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of your brand’s image.

4. Nike Women

  • “Better For It”
  • Uses honest humor to shed light on the “inner thoughts” women experience at the gym.
  • Marketing Message: Add a little humor into your messaging.

5. Dove

  • “Choose Beautiful”
  • They focused less on their product and more on their mission.
  • Marketing Message: Take advantage of this by committing to emotionally charged marketing that makes customers feel recognized and important.

6. Facebook

  • “Tips’ Series”
  • Presents 12 different functions of the platform as they relate to real-life user scenarios.
  • Provided answers to users’ most common questions in an entertaining and lighthearted way.
  • Marketing Message: Understand your audience’s needs better than anyone else, don’t drag out the length of your video unnecessarily.