Video quality with custom background

When I select any custom background for a video the quality of how I am outlined is not professional.

I would expect it to be similar to how Microsoft Teams is.

Am I missing something?

I really like how Dubb works but this is a show stopper for me unless I get a resolution.


Marvin Baker- VP of Sales & Marketing @ a large company.

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Hi Marvinb92, apologies for the late reply. I would like to confirm if this issue is resolved already. Thanks

@Marvinb92 @naobis I am glad I found this because I was just about to write about this. The quality is HORRIBLE!!! I have a brand new HP desktop and crazy RAM and all the bells and whistles and an amazing camera. It’s so bad. I even tried with a green screen and no better. I literally have to record in Zoom and upload. This really needs to be fixed. We shouldn’t have to switch between programs. PLEASE HELP!

@Marvinb92 @Wright Apologies for the inconvenience.Virtual background is a system-intensive feature that is optimized for computers with these minimum system requirements: i7 dual core CPU, 8GB ram, Mac OS Catalina, Windows 10 64 bit. Please turn your resolution to 360P for optimal video frame rate and resolution.

I have double the RAM, i7, Windows 10 64 bit and more. It always reverts back to lightweight when I have the resources for the high def. All I see is my face and SUPER crazy edging.

This feature works perfect for me in all definitions in Zoom, Google Meet, and StoryExpress and other background programs. This issue is specific to Dubb. I am suprised I don’t see more about this.

I am more than happy to screenshare with support to show them.