Video Uploading Completes But Stuck


I’m at a complete loss and have exhausted ways to resolve the issue at hand.

I can no longer complete any upload of my created videos to Dubb. I uploaded 99 videos but that’s all I can upload. I thought I had unlimited video file storage.

Each time I upload a new video to Dubb the progress bar goes to the very end and gets stuck there. None of my videos upload anymore. I tried the following to no avail to resolve the issue:

  • Used Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox Browser & Microsoft Edge Browser. I could upload my videos using Chrome or Mozilla in the past.

  • Used Dubb Chrome Extension to upload videos. This worked seamlessly in the past but not now.

  • Uploaded the source video to use the alternative way to upload.

  • Created a new Chrome Guest Profile.

  • Contacted Dubb Support. They had me take two screenshots of Element >> Layout and Element >> Event via Chrome browser. Support uploaded a test video to my Dubb account. However, they did not communicate with me what’s going on. I have been communicating with them for over a week now.

Does anyone here have any idea what I am going through and have a solution?

I am using a Windows 11 computer.

Hi @pbyron Apologies for the inconvenience here. I sent you a direct message here to assist you with your inquiry here.


Just so happen I was testing Dubb on another computer, Windows 10, to see if I was able to upload any of my videos. I already uploaded 99 videos on my primary computer whereas everything worked seamlessly in the beginning.

I tried to upload one video, size 2.48 GB. The same issue occurred on that Windows 10 computer as well. The upload progress bar reached the end and gets stuck. I can’t upload the video. Right now, I’m uploading a 1.79 GB video to see if that video can be uploaded. I don’t think this will work either. All my 99 videos are 1 to 2+ GB in size.

I’m at a complete lost.


When testing another computer, Windows 10, to see if I could load any my for videos, the first fail. The same issue repeated itself. However, when I uploaded a smaller sized video (1.79 GB) not only did it complete the uploaded, the video was stored in my Dubb account.

I am testing Dubb again with another one of my videos to see what happens. So far 1 video failed (2.48 GB) and other video (1.79 GM) passed.