Ways To Connect Your Brand With Your Audience

Content That Connects

1. Give Your Video A Life

  • Visuals are entertaining, engaging, easy to digest, and highly shareable.
  • You only have 3 seconds to grab an Internet user’s attention.
  • Videos:

:point_right: brings your story to life
:point_right: allows your business to reach a broader audience
:point_right: increases your marketing impact

  • YouTube and other social media outlets are great ways to get your videos noticed and watched.

2. Use Infographics to Sum It Up

  • An infographic gathers major, memorable points into an eye-catching visual
  • Gives the reader a quick chance to grab your intended takeaways
  • 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual
  • Infographics:

:point_right:drives user engagement
:point_right: allows the creator to condense a lot of information into a small and effective space.
:point_right: resonates well with readers in almost any area of interest

  • Take your main data points and show them in a fun, visual representation.

3. Improve The Quality By Writing It Right

  • Get to know their pain points and address them
  • Readers are interested in how your product or service will be a solution for them.
  • Figure out who your audience is and write to them in a style that fits your brand.
  • Remember that good grammar, proper punctuation, and engaging prose appeal universally.
  • Poor quality writing will turn off consumers no matter how good your product or service.

4. Get Started On Your Social Media

  • Strategize on what types of content you’ll want to include, make a schedule and follow it.
  • Feed your social media two or three times a week.
  • Consistency is beneficial.
  • You will give your audience plenty of reasons to return
  • This will:

:point_right: Establish expertise
:point_right: Build brand awareness
:point_right: Strengthen consumer trust
:point_right: Educate on what you need to share
:point_right: Build relationships

5. Distribute Your Content

  • Distribution is essential.
  • Your brand needs to be seen by eyes that matter.
  • Research and select the options that actually show ROI and can guarantee placements.
  • Consistent distribution of articles, press releases or social media and other content will expand the reach of your message and build brand identity.

6. Start Asking

  • Start creating great content that connects is to look at the questions and concerns your customers are talking about right now.
  • Don’t tell them what you think they need to know, tell them what they want to know.
  • Build messages that speak to what your audience needs and wants.
  • Track what customer service is getting.

:point_right: What email inquiries are coming in?
:point_right: What are consumers saying on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media?

7. Backup Your Content/Data

  • Internet users are savvy consumers.
  • Always back up what you are saying with statistics and data.
  • Reference what experts and other trusted commentators are saying.
  • People love actual facts and data, give it to them.
  • Cite studies and other research that your brand and independent sources generate.