What is CTA Embed WebPage?

Question from a Dubb user through email:

Hi! I looked in the resource center and haven’t found an answer. What is the CTA Embed WebPage? Why do we use it, please? Thank you

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The CTA Embed Webpage allows users to place and entire webpage below the video on a Dubb Action Page. This can be used when a specific web page needs to be displayed underneath a video.

Some use cases for this would be:

Showcase a social profile/post
Showcase a Google document (doc, spreadsheet, form, etc)
Showcase a specific webpage

We’d recommend trying this to see if it works for you.

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I noticed the landing pages are no longer part of the menu @rubendua
Has the feature been tossed out for now?

I’m not sure that I’m talking about the same thing or not.


We have made this an optional feature available only by request since it is advanced and requires training and knowledge of web page building. Check your dashboard to see it turned back on!

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#Gratitude @rubendua
Good to know and I was testing Brizy cloud to see if I can create something unique.

Have an awesome day!