What is landing page in Dubb's ecosystem?

Hello everyone.

Trying to understand Dubb’s approach to landing pages - when I upload a video and make it public - do I effectively publish a landing page on my subdomain? All those pages in https://subdom.mydomain.com/v/xxxx - are they landing pages?

Why I am asking is because I lack functionality here - I checked the source of the generated pages and I see that H-tags are not used anywhere in the code and among other things the whole style of the pages is somewhat dull.

I saw this video where Darius goes through the rich functionality of the landing page builder while at the same time for whatever reason discourages the use of the tool, like ‘use what we give you by default, you will be fine’. Discouragement of the landing page builder goes as far as hiding the landing page builder from the assets menu!

Anyway, here are my 2 questions:

  1. I already asked - those pages which get automatically generated when publishing a video - are they what Dubb refers to as video landing page?

  2. What is the difference between standard and custom landing pages from the perspective of their visibility to the search engines and visitors AND their general functionality?

Thanks very much in advance

  1. Yes, the landing pages that are generated each time you record a video are the video landing pages.

  2. Standard/Video landing pages offer all the functionality of the platform including tracking, playlists, CTAs, presets, etc.

Custom landing pages do not interact with the rest of the site the same way. They are basically landing pages you can build from scratch as if you were using another LP building tool such as Unbounce.