Why is there no downloadable windows app?

When I first acquired my license to Dubb via the AppSumo deal, there was a small app that I downloaded to my windows 7 machine. I kept it and I still use it because it lets me record native windows programs that the chrome extension will not - with the chrome extension, the program I want to include in my video just shows a black screen. The trouble when using the original Dubb Windows app is that I can’t choose the area of the screen and I’d rather not show certain details in a Dubb video.
I see that there is an app for apple computers but none shows for Windows machines.
What happened to the Windows version?
Lacking it, I have to use another app (I use berrycast) to record my video and then upload it separately to my Dubb account - talk about clunky.
When will a new/revised windows version be available?

Hi Daniel,

Dubb Desktop App for Windows is in development. In the meantime, you can use the Dubb Chrome Extension and the Dubb Website to record your screen.

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I hope you will bring back the windows app

@ProsperityInsider Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for your continued support :pray: