Does sharing Dubb video page URLs decrease visibility of posts

Question from a Dubb user in the Dubb Facebook Group. I am seeking clarification on our Dubb links and sharing them on social media platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook) It is said that people will often not see them (algorithm) because clicking them takes people away from the platform and they don’t like that.

Have you found that to be the case with your Dubb links?

Workarounds …


This is a very good question about sharing external links on social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Generally speaking social networks do not promote links to third-party platforms. This is so because their goal is to generate revenue and keep users on their platforms.

For this reason, we recommend natively posting videos to social networks and then providing a Dubb video URL in the comments.

This way people have a native video they can watch on the platform, and also have a link to click on for further action (fill out a form, click a button, watch a different video, schedule a time, etc).

I just wanted to see how quickly I could add to the conversation
Native Video using Dubb (and a great tip for Linkedin)

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This is PRO tip ^. Right mouse click on a Dubb video, save the MP4 and upload natively to a social network. You can also download the file from the main video page. Thanks, Russ!



I love that I can use several different methods to share the love of Dubb

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Thanks for sharing and answering my question, Ruben! :grinning:


Great question :slight_smile: im glad tou asked and glad i found some helpful information