Email Views Tracking Glitch


Possible email open tracking glitch…

I have noticed that when I use the “Copy for email & Gif” feature and place it into my Gmail email message, the Dashboard / Activity tracker, immediately notes that the “email was opened”. However, it was just me sending the email to the person…


I suspect that every action either by you or anyone else will pick up a transaction @feliciamillerjohnson
Even if someone is using preview and scrolls over it you may see activity in the dashboard.

I’m not 100% positive, however, I feel like it might be the case

@darius-santos may have an idea or explanation

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This is correct.
Each time the tracking pixel is viewed this will count as an email open.

I typically don’t put much emphasis on email opens because Iphone actually has a feature to where it triggers an email open even though the contact did not open the email.

I have tested this with Hubspots email open tracking pixel and it works the same way.