Growing the Pirate Community with Dubb CRM

I’m looking for ideas on how I can bring this all together,
I created a Dubb Video to explain my challenge and opportunity.
Please share your thoughts and recommendations.

Growing the Pirate Community with Dubb CRM600x375
Watch Video (02:27)

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Aloha Russ! Maybe you can create a Dubb video that “explains” the #twominutetips. Then you have a CTA form that opts them into your mail list.

Then house all the videos under the new portfolio feature with a tag.

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I love that @feliciamillerjohnson.
The one bit that is still unclear is that I was searching for a way to add a new connection directly into the contacts so I can use Dubb to send out video emails with a #TwoMinuteTips embedded in the message.

Like I have in my Drip account with my email list.

Love to learn more. Please download into my brain please :slight_smile:

Check out this video -

From my understanding when the person fills out the form, he/she is automatically added to your contacts. Is that correct @rubendua?

I have not personally done yet. :wink:

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Hi @feliciamillerjohnson,

Yes, that is correct. You can also add tags to your forms, and this will prepare the contacts for automated workflows or email campaigns.


I knew there had to be a way to do this.
I just had to ask the right question to brilliant people like @feliciamillerjohnson :star_struck:


I think I’m getting closer @feliciamillerjohnson

I’m close and have a few tweaks that I think are necessary.
I think it would be better to actually use a button to access the second video and form. What do you think?

Aloha Russ! The next video did not play. :wink:

Interesting. I wonder why in plays for me and not you?
Curious. I guess I’ll keep working on it.
The second video doesn’t launch.

So, That means that any video I embed will only play the first video and not the playlist or present the CTA. Hummm. OK, I’ll have to test drive a few other options.

Thanks @feliciamillerjohnson (You’re such a Pirate :slight_smile:

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