Hyperpersonalized NAME variables -VOICECLONING

Advances in AI technology have made it easier to clone voices, allowing for more personalized experiences. For that reason, it’s best to use the smallest chunk of information when cloning voices - such as a prospect’s name - for maximum personalization.

We could assign a specific point in time where the name is revealed, and through voice cloning technology, we can customize videos for each person that receives them. This would be really useful and it could help us make better connections with our audience.

Lip sync issues could be present, but those are usually minor details that go unnoticed.

If costs are an issue for you, we could look into the possibility of porting our own API in. Thankfully, this source already has a free API available.


Along with my previous suggestion, “THUMBNAILS and Urls Hyperpersonalized automatically and social media focus” (THUMBNAILS and Urls Hyperpersonalized automatically and social media focus - #6 by Gerd)

By making slight modifications, you can personalize a video to your target audience and greatly enhance their engagement. This is an incredibly powerful tool that will take interaction to the next level audibly and visually with very little work.

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Following… This would take Dubb to the next level if it is possible

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Its already being done o.o, kind of the golden nuggets of the industry but eventually it will be the standard forsure. It just make sense why make 100 videos for different people if you din’t have to :stuck_out_tongue: I hope they consider it!